Srimati Citra devi


Citra is the fourth of the ashta sakhis (eight topmost gopis). Her fair complexion resembles the color of kunkuma and her garments are the color of crystal. She is 26 days younger than Srimati Radharani. When Lord Krishna is full of bliss, she becomes satisfied. Her father is Catura, the paternal uncle of Suryamitra. Her mother is Carcika-devi. Her husband is Pithara. Citra-devi can read between the lines of books and letters written in many different languages, perceiving the hidden intentions of the author. She can understand the tastes of various foodstuffs made with honey, milk, and other ingredients simply by glancing at them.

She is expert in playing music on pots filled with varying degrees of water. She is learned in the literature describing astronomy and astrology, and she is well versed in the theoretical and practical activities of protecting domestic animals. she is very devoted to her seva of bringing cloves and garlands.Her age is 14 years, 7 months and 14 days.In gaura-lila she appears as Sri Govindananda.

The chief sakhis in Sri Citra’s group are Rasalika, Tilakini, Sauraseni, Sugandhika, Vamani, Vamanayana,Nagari and Nagavallika.