Spiritual names, Newborn babies, Collection of spiritual names Welcome to the ultimate collection of spiritual names derived from the vedas of ancient Indian subcontinent. This is the finest collection of most authentic, bonafide, rare & uncommon names.

Names are arranged alphabetically and segregated for Boys and Girls. Each name has its meaning which is derived from the most bonafide vedic religion, the Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

These names are very useful for newborn babies. Traditionally in vedic times, the names given to the babies were always linked to the supreme personality of Godhead – Lord Krishna and to His energies. Even today in many parts of Indian subcontinent, it is a tradition to give spiritual names to babies, because a name is for life & it influences much of a character and growth.

These names are also given during Harinam Diksha in ISKCON

This is world's largest collection of spiritual names. So far we have published vedic names along with their brief spiritual meaning.

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