Why Vedic Names?

Why Vedic Name

What is in a name? Any person may be wondering. Names are our identifying windows to the world. Our names are our brand or logo in other words. According to all Vedic Scriptures, a person's name is likely to influence much of his personality, character, spirituality and growth. The vibrations caused by calling frequently a person with his/her name, surely influences both the caller and the person called.

If a person's name is connected to divinity, then the named person's behavioral pattern is much better than one can expect. Calling such names with loving heart invokes divine vibrations & created positive energy. That is why, in ancient days, people used to name their child after one or the other Gods' Name or His energies.

One of the first words a child learns is his/her own name. Thus if it is a divine name it brings all auspiciousness. Frequently calling the person with that specific name, the phonetic vibrations also increases the level of relationship between the caller & the called one! Hence the name given to a person is very important. So, please name your baby / loved ones with most suitable words, that will grow in a positive way with the child.