Srimati Campakalata Devi


Campakalata is the third of the ashta sakhis (eight topmost sakhis). Her complexion is the color of a blossoming yellow campaka flower and her garments are the colour of a blue-jay's feature. She is one day younger than Srimati Radharani. Her father is Arama, her mother is Vatika-devi and her husband is Candaksa. Her qualities are much like those of Visakha. She is expert at the art of logical persuasion, and she is skilled diplomat who knows how to thwart Srimati Radharani's rivals.

Campakalata is expert at collecting fruits, flowers, and roots from the forest. Campakalata is an expert cook who knows all the literature describing the six flavors of cooking.Of all these gopis who are appointed as protectoresses of the trees, creepers, and bushes of Vrndavana, the leader is Campakalata-devi. Her seva is to offer jewelled necklaces and to fan with a camara. Her age is 14 years, 2 months and 13 1/2 days. In gaura-lila she appears as Sri Sivananda Sen.

The chief sakhis in Campakalata’ group are Kurangaksi, Suracita, Mandali, Manimandana, Candika, Candralatika, Kandukaksi and Sumandira.